Your slides look pretty basic, why?

Glad you asked! Most template banks sell very elaborate slide designs that are very hard to customise and/or copy into a corporate presentation template with a prescribed layout and colours. SlideMagic offers you the basic skeleton that will look perfect in your company's visual look and feel.


Can I just "borrow" your designs?

Yes, sure! If you have good PowerPoint skills, feel free to be inspired by our designs. Our mission is to rid the world of bad presentations. However, we have priced templates in such a way that a quick and instant download might save you some valuable time.


What about the SlideMagic presentation design app?

 We will continue to improve our SlideMagic presentation design app (check it out here!). The SlideMagic template store is intended for a different target audience who do not feel comfortable switching to a completely new software platform for their presentations.

The presentation design app has one big benefit though (apart from the fact that it is free), it is very easy to customise and change slide designs. The templates you find in the store here require some PowerPoint or Keynote skills to tweak.


Your site is in Beta, what does that mean?

We are still finalising the concept. The template slides that are currently in the store are perfectly fine to work with. As time passes by, we will add more slides, and we might make changes to our business model / pricing. But that should not affect purchases you already made. A downloaded file is yours to keep.


Do the templates work in Keynote as well?

Most templates have 2 versions ready for download, one for PowerPoint, one for Keynote. The PowerPoint and Keynote versions are almost identical, but not 100%. The main difference is the font: the PowerPoint templates use Microsoft's standard Calibri font, while the Keynote templates use Helvetica Neue. The Keynote slides were manually converted from the PowerPoint, and I made sure that data charts, shapes, and tables work. Some slides could not be converted because Keynote lacks the advanced 3D shape positioning that PowerPoint has. The template image you see in the store is that of the PowerPoint slide in Calibri.