I created an account, but cannot access beta features, nor download the app?
We are keeping the beta cohort really small at the moment, as there still are some bugs to iron out in the app, and now and then we make breaking changes on the server. We have registered your interest, please be patient, we will contact you when we are ready for the next group of beta testers.
I am a paying subscriber to your existing PowerPoint template store, what should I do?
The current template store will continue to run as is for the moment at store.slidemagic.com. The new template store contains most of the slides all the slides of the old one already (in addition to many, many more new slides). All new slides will be available as PowerPoint downloads as well. If you are an existing paying subscriber, you will get priority in the beta testing program, please contact us if you are interested in trying out the new store.
I am a beta tester, but my app says it is expired?
Beta app downloads work for roughly a month. Please log in to the site again to download the latest version with new features, bug fixes, and stability improvements
Is the SlideMagic app compatible with PowerPoint?
Yes, while SlideMagic uses its own .magic file format, the app can export slides in .pptx format, so you can integrate them in existing presentations, and/or share them with your colleagues. The other way around is not possible. Because of its unique approach to slide layout, SlideMagic can not read PowerPoint files, this is by design.
Do I need an active Internet connectionn to work in SlideMagic?
No, SlideMagic is a desktop app which works offline, so you can continue to edit your slides in places with poor connectivity (during a flight for example). Obviously, the online template store cannot be accessed when working offline, instead the app will offer a small selection of built-in slide templates.
Is my data safe?
Absolutely, we adhere to best practice when it comes to storing your data, including encryption for passwords. Note that SlideMagic is not using its own cloud storage for presentations (yet), therefore you can save the .magic files anywhere you want (including on your own cloud platform), pretty much the same as you would treat other office files.
When will you launch properly?
As soon as we have all glitches ironed out, and have set up the proper payment processing infrastructure.
I cannot find a specific slide layout?
Feel free to reach out to us with suggestions for new slides we should add to the template database. We cannot handle all requests, but will do our best.
I cannot find a specific feature?
SlideMagic made a few big design decisions that should it make easier for the non-designer to create professional slides. One example of this is that you can use only one accent color. We have thought really hard and long about this feature set, and we would encourage you to try working around these limitations which are put there by design. Hopefully soon, you will start to see the impact in the quality of your designs. If you really feel strongly about a specific feature, please reach out to to and will add it to the suggestion list.